Ekaterina Dyogot

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Ekaterina Dyogot (born in 1958) is a Moscow-based art critic and art historian whose main field is the 20th century art. She shares her time between teaching (in the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow and the Pro Arte Institute in St. Petersburg) and writing (since1993 she is a columnist for the "Kommersant", the leading Russian newspaper).
She also serves on the editorial board of "Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal" ("Art Magazine") in Moscow.
She has been lecturing extensively on the Russian 20th century art and contemporary cultural scene, as well as on international Modernist theory, in many colleges and universities throughout the world. She was a Guest Professor in William & Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, and a Virginia Hanks Distinguished Curator in the Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, North Carolina, USA.
She has published two books: "Contemporary Painting in Russia" (London-Melbourne: Craftsman House, 1995) and "Terroristic Naturalism" (Moscow: Ad Marginem, 1998) on the post-Soviet art scene in Russia, and more than 200 essays in art magazines, exhibition catalogues and newspapers. Her "History of the 20th century Art in Russia" is forthcoming later this year. She also works as an exhibition curator.